An upcoming public and policy engagement non-profit consultancy focusing on Social, Political and Ecological Justice issues in Afrika. We work and stand in solidarity with communities in mineral rich areas in Afrika and other global south environments.

Political maturity: Roots and responsibilities

The dust of the electoral contest in Tanzania is settling and, as expected, the winning party’s bigwigs are lining up for powerful state appoints even where they do not qualify. … Continue reading

Nov 20, 2015

Politics and religion: The ‘paradoxicals’

“In Tanzania, as in the rest of Africa, God is ubiquitous in politics. Victory at elections is attributed to him. While there is nothing wrong about being religious, tying political … Continue reading

Nov 7, 2015

‘Siasa Endelevu’: Ni Jukumu la Nani?

Kwa muda mrefu sasa, Watanzania wamejijengea hulka ya uhasimu wa kisiasa. Kila mwanasiasa amejifunga kimawazo, kisiasa na kifalsafa kwenye sera na imani ya vyama vyao. Hali hii siyo ya ajabu. … Continue reading

Nov 6, 2015

Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete: Tanzania’s Sociopolitical ‘Laughing-Stock’?

Tanzanian outgoing President Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete Today is a day that is difficult to hold back some thoughts running through my mind about my country Tanzania and my continent Afrika. … Continue reading

Oct 29, 2015

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