An upcoming public and policy engagement non-profit consultancy focusing on Social, Political and Ecological Justice issues in Afrika. We work and stand in solidarity with communities in mineral rich areas in Afrika and other global south environments.

Danger: ‘Smoking Guns’ in the Public

On my way from Church last Sunday afternoon, I almost ‘attacked’ a fellow commuter on the Subway! A verbal attack… but I think my facial expression did it all.  A … Continue reading

Apr 18, 2014

Dar Commuter’s Nightmare

Quite often, when the commuter transport rates go up, there is too much ado between the commuters and the commuter bus attendants but all the fuss is unnecessary. Unnecessary because … Continue reading

Apr 11, 2014

I Want to Marry MY Mother!

It is not usual for me to write on issues that ‘crazy’ and deluded people do for fun but this one took me for a big surprise, took me to … Continue reading

Mar 23, 2011

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