An upcoming public and policy engagement non-profit consultancy focusing on Social, Political and Ecological Justice issues in Afrika. We work and stand in solidarity with communities in mineral rich areas in Afrika and other global south environments.

The Media in Afrika & the Silencing of Voices from the Margins

A spear is only fit for ‘pigs’. Subjects of the ‘postcolonial’ and underdeveloped environments in the global south should be criticised and called all manner of names but not so … Continue reading

Jul 14, 2016

Benevoluntourism & the mis-Readings of the ‘Postcolonial’ Environments

We do not need Benevoluntourists! What on earth is benevoluntourism, you ask?  Benevoluntourism is the ‘new’, in my view, neoliberal capitalist philanthropic movement. This genre combines charitable acts, buttressed in … Continue reading

Jun 28, 2016

Hear it in Our Voices: Zambians speak out the Extractive Industry…

When stakeholders in development speak on matters that the government considers to be a-no-go-zone for any other person; they are branded as those in opposition to the ruling government and … Continue reading

Mar 23, 2011

North Mara Saga: News from the ground II (Verbatim)

In the midst of the closure calls on North Mara Barrick Gold Corporation’s site, a number of incidents are reported and the situation in the North Mara region is appalling. … Continue reading

Mar 23, 2011

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