My Perspectives

The World is a funny, complex, progressive and regressive place in many ways. My Perspectives is a space where I will be sharing my perspectives of the world. My focus will be on sociopolitical, environmental politics and socio-justice matters. Come, join the discussion!

Who We Are!

The Company

AfrikaYetu Consultants Ltd. is a public and policy engagement non-profit limited liability company incorporated in Tanzania under the Companies Act of 2002. Registered in 2017, AfrikaYetu focuses on public and policy engagement components of trade and development in Afrika.

With the increasing lack of voluntary and inclusive engagement of the citizenry on sociopolitical and ecological discourse by duty bearers in the Continent, AfrikaYetu aims at bridging the gap between research and active citizen participation in sociopolitical and ecological justice discourses and practices in Afrika.

AfrikaYetu’s proposes to play an active role in linking Afrikan professionals and promote the use of interdisciplinary platforms in the continent, to facilitate critical yet progressive trade and development discourses and practices towards forming localised perspectives for the Continent’s progress.

The Name

AfrikaYetu is a Swahili compound word which means “Our Africa”. AfrikaYetu is a blog administered by AfrikaYetu Consultants Ltd. committed to publish well researched yet critical information on natural resource management, exploitation and ecological protection practices in Afrika.

Our Commitment

At AfrikaYetu we are committed to initiate and actively participate in efforts that aim at standing for the well-being of our environments in Afrika and globally. Adopting action research, proactive partnerships, inclusive and collaborative training, and participatory self-determination processes to reclaim our Ubuntu and equity distribution of earth’s resources for the benefit of all.

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