An upcoming public and policy engagement non-profit consultancy focusing on Social, Political and Ecological Justice issues in Afrika. We work and stand in solidarity with communities in mineral rich areas in Afrika and other global south environments.

Who We Are!

AfrikaYetu is a compound word which means “Our Africa” in KiSwahili. AfrikaYetu is a blog administered by AfrikaYetu Consultants Ltd. committed to publish well researched yet critical information on natural resource management, exploitation and ecological protection practices in Afrika.

Mainstream media in a number of Afrikan countries keep at bay hard-hitting reporting. Especially, news related to trade relations and malpractices in the extractive/mining sector. AfrikaYetu joins like-minded fearless writers and information gatherers and disseminators in making information, which would otherwise not see the light of the day, available to the public.

One of the prioritised goals is to collect information from communities by community members in Afrika’s mineral rich areas for publication and wider dissemination. It is our desire to incorporate diverse information from communities in the mining areas within Afrika and beyond. It is also in the interest of AfrikaYetu to analyse and demystify different social, environmental, development and  sustainability documents for its readers.

Mineral rich countries in Afrika as well as other countries in the global south face social, political, environmental and economic challenges. Participatory and collaborative efforts are therefore critical matter.

At AfrikaYetu we are committed to initiate and actively participate in efforts that aim at standing for the well-being of our environments in Afrika and globally. Adopting research, participatory and collaborative self-determination processes to reclaim our Ubuntu and equity distribution of earth’s resources for the benefit of all.


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