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Our Leaders, Our Enemies

IS THIS WHAT IT IS! Residents of Mtitaa in Bahi District shocked at the corruption level within the local government leaders in their area. PHOTO/ER

 Residents of Mtitaa village, Bahi District in Dodoma recently woke up to a shocking reality on how much of their money is benefitting a few of leaders from village to Ward levels resulting in firing the Village Executive Oficer from the office.

In a meeting in Mtitaa village, it was revealed that the Village Executive Officer (VEO), Councillor and the local authority’s representatives at the village level spend villagers’ contributions for development on personal issues.

Good Governance

With cases of misappropriation of public funds at the grassroots level, the Norwegian Church Aid Tanzania in collaboration with her core partner, Christian Council of Tanzania (CCT) have gone out to create awareness.

Having received a training on Public Expenditure Tracking System (PETS); the trainees found out that the leadership has been found lacking credibility on fact finding assignments, which were spoken of by the locals.

“Our earnings are very minimal, and to contribute 8,000 shillings to get constant supply of clean water and then you do not get it is like an insult,” lamented Leginado Maope.

Lack of Consultations at spending

At the meeting another resident complained on how the local government officials involve them when collecting money from them but forget to consult the same villagers from whom they collect the money when spending.

“I am surprised that the village executive officer (VEO) took decisions in his hands and distributes our contributions without consultations with us. We even chose a committee to look into the way our moneys are spent but no one consults with the committee,” complained Francis Masaka.

A People who knows their Rights

In Mtitaa village, the trainings on PETS resulted on the errant local authority’s representative in the village being fired from the office for misappropriating funds contributed by the locals.

“We chased our former village chairman just because of taking and using the villagers’ money without consultations. The honourable Member of Parliament promised to take care of all the repairs of the machine. Now we are told that 950,000 have been taken, who authorised this?” revealed one official from the ruling party (CCM).

Confirmed Guilty

Commenting on the issue, the Ward councillor, David Makuwa who is also the chairman for the Development committee for Mtitaa Ward confirmed that, “All the complaints raised from the locals are all true. The locals kicked out of office the former village executive officer (VEO) for this very reason.” said

He explained that, “The current leadership has also cleared an amount in the tune of 950,000 shillings, which the Member of Parliament had already paid for.”

The meeting was facilitated by Haki Kazi Catalyst from Arusha on Public Expenditure Tracking System (PETS) in conjunction with the Christian Council of Tanzania (CCT) and funded by Norwegian Church Aid Tanzania.


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