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Breaking the Silence

The Victim’s mother narrating the her daughter’s Ordeal. PHOTO/ER

Recent data show that numbers of rape cases reported and recorded to the police department has been in the increase as reported by media that in 2006, there were 4,084 and in 2007 the number increased by more than a third to 6,531.
For a just one year interval there is a significant increment of more than one third and yet there are a lot of cases which are not reported.
In spite of good work our government and NGO’s have done yet there is existence of numerous inhuman violence acts accompanied by a persistent silence among people. A number of Gender Based Violence (GBV) victims who have courage to speak out publicly is relatively low compared to the ones who opt to keep silent; this was revealed during Tamar training sessions in Mwanza, Magu, Bunda and Shinyanga.

Confessions & Empowerment

Participants confessed that the majority failed to speak out publicly for the fear of not to be trusted, stigmatization, corruption, shame, poverty, ignorance just to mention the few.
Tamar campaign intends to break silence through the promotion of bible that speaks against GBV without any shame. We hope that other Faith Communities will imitate the approach of using their Holy books in rebuilding morals and ethics in fighting against GBV.
Tamar campaign is an advocacy programme aimed at empowering society members with knowledge to break silence on Gender Based Violence with special focus to Rape and Domestic violence.
The Campaign is based on a bible story found in 2 Samuel 13:1ff where Tamar, the daughter of King David refused to keep silent after being raped by her half brother Amnon even though everybody else tried to silence her.


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