An upcoming public and policy engagement non-profit consultancy focusing on Social, Political and Ecological Justice issues in Afrika. We work and stand in solidarity with communities in mineral rich areas in Afrika and other global south environments.

TANZANIA: The Haven of Peace in Turmoil

  Power cuts, a failed transport infrastructure, a lack of imagination in our foreign policy, a bloated public sector, lack of freedom of expression – we have to wonder what … Continue reading

Mar 23, 2011

The Government of Zambia: An Accessory to Lies by Investors?

The Council of Churches in Zambia have embarked on a campaign which interrogates whether Zambia has reached the time to mine and Mill Uranium Ores which by and large has … Continue reading

Mar 23, 2011

Canadian Envoys to Kenya & Tanzania: Uninformed or Arrogant?

BADLY-INFORMED Diplomats! This is the only word – compound word I could find to describe ho w I felt when I read the press statement issued by the two Canadian … Continue reading

Mar 23, 2011

THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND: What does the law of Retribution say?

In the real world of business, Churches are not left behind in the pursuit for more income. A number of Churches in the West have a lot of investments within … Continue reading

Mar 23, 2011

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